Gallery Artists


GALLERY ARTISTS: Bai,  Baxter,  BoutilierBruniany,  Cornell,  Custode,  Dabbert,  del Perugia,  Desmarais,  Dunn,  Esdaile,  Faucher,  Griffin, Jerdon,  Kasniunas,  Kienitz,  KnappKrupp,  LonghurstMcCann, McCarthy, Nasonov, Olsen, Paris,  Paxton,  Palmerio,   Shabadei, Smith JH, Smith B, Soffer,  Stahl,  Steadman,  Suys,  Swimm,  Teger,  Turner,  Wang, Wild


SECONDARY MARKET ARTIST:  Farnsworth,   Krate,  Sawyer,   Solomon, Stahl, Ben A,


Cursive Small a


Barbara Krupp


Mysterious Transformation


James Griffin


Full Moon


Yuqi Wang




Sarasota Sunday


Robert Baxter


Wonderland Trail


Kasia Bruniany





Evening Dreams


Arnold Desmarais


Bayview Sarasota


Joe Palmerio









Gert Olsen






Morning Lift


William Suys






Silver Lining


Beau Wild




Its My Fish


James Harrison Smith








Bare Shoulders in Blue


Jeff Cornell




Rosa's Angels


Martin Dunn





Candace Knapp



Blueberry Pond


Candace Knapp






Hello Kitty


Martin Dunn






Prelude to a Kiss


George Paxton






Allan Teger

Intrestellar Landscapes


Gustavo Paris






October Marsh


Luke Steadman







The Poem


Peter Esdaile





The Rehersal


William Jerdon



Comes Around


Nancy Turner



Good Bye to All That


Beatrice del Perugia







Orange and Glass of Wine


Alex Shabade






Mother and Daughter


Vladimir Nasonov






Along The Gulf Coast


Tom Swimm








Brian David Smith








Distant violet


William McCarthy








State of Being


Alan Soffer







Kathrin Longhurst










Everglade Blues


Julie Kasniunas


Girl with Guitar


Fiore Custode








Francois Faucher



Floral Reflections


Barbara McCann










Neil Kienitz



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