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Gustavo Paris was born in Venezuela. He started his studies at a very early age at the art academy taught by artist Ildebrando Rossi. He received his bachelor’s degree in in Visual Arts in 2001 at the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University in Zulia, Venezuela, where he started his career as a professor teaching painting, drawing and graphic art s from 2005 to 2010. Paris also taught at the Julio Arraga National School of Visual Arts from 2008 to 2015. He is currently a full-time professor for the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zulia where he’s been teaching painting and drawing since 2012. Gustavo Paris has a long trajectory and exhibition record that includes exhibitions in many countries.

“Reaching the intangible seems difficult and impossible, however the thought travels beyond reason and attracts the invisible to the visible, to be transported into a space of emptiness, of the internal and finds ideas and translates them. It translates into my purpose of existence.”  -Gustavo Paris

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Supermassive I


Supermassive I

Intrestellar Landscapes


Interstellar Landscapes

Pillars of Crastion


Pillars of Creation


Assending in Space I


Ascending in Space I

Olympus Mons I


Olympus Mons I






Olymput Mons II


Olympus Mons II





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