Alan Soffer



Alan Soffer has been making art since 1973 in a variety of modalities.  His work as teacher and curator continues to augment his primary passion for abstract expressionist painting which began in 1985. 

An amazing encaustic painting by David Siqueiros, exhibited at MOMA in NYC, lead to incorporating this modality following studies at Ringling School of Design in 1998.  Encaustics allowed Soffer to marry a sculptural component to his painterly approach.  The hot, pigmented wax's inherent translucency perfectly supports his vocabulary for expressing space from the microscopic to the galactic, and continues as his main direction to this day.

Around 2000 opportunities emerged for teaching encaustics, which was just beginning to gain popularity.  In 2005 Soffer organized the first national conference on encaustics in the US and curated an exhibition surveying artists from across the country, which travelled to five venues from Maine to California.  Further workshops developed primarily in the area of abstract painting, which he thought was being neglected.  These workshops, which he conducts with his artist wife, Libbie Soffer, now are given internationally, as well as,at his studio outside Philadelphia.

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State of Being


State of Being



A World Apar


A World Apart


Aquatic II


Aquatic II




Born:     Philadelphia, PA


Painting the reality of the mind in wax, oil, and acrylic

"This journey with acrylic, oil and wax (encaustic) has become my signature. It was further emphasized when I organized and curated the national exhibition. OIL + WAX, which traveled the US for a two year period. Concurrently, with the exhibition in the Philadelphis area I led the first national conference on this art form, which contributed to the revival of the encaustic technique."


2017   Community Art Center, Wallingford, Pa .. ink,acrylic painting
2014  & 2012   Wayne Art Center, encaustic painting
2012   Goggleworks, Reading, PA, encaustic painting
2012   Lyceum, NJ, encaustic painting
2010   Extravaganza in Red  , CCAA, encaustic painting
2005   Best of Scottsdale, contemporary painting
2002   Members show/ MLAC,  painting
2001   Small Works/ Big Ideas, painting
1998   Images '98,  collaged painting
1998   Printmaking '98,  collaged monotype
1997   Photography Open, watercolor


CAC,  Wallingford, PA
Siano Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
River Tree Arts, Kennebunk, ME
Northern Cal. Arts, Novato, CA
Robert Roman Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Waxing Philosophic:   Wired Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

Teaching & Workshops

                Main Line Art Center, PA
                CCAA  West Chester, PA
                CAC Wallingford, PA
                LBI Foundation, NJ
                Tempe Center, AZ
                Soffer Studio, PA
                West Windsor Art Center, NJ
               ART INCUBATOR, Santa Fe, NM
               Haverford College, Krinski program, PA
               Painting for the 21st Century,  Jamaica
               The Creative Center, NYC
               Soffer Studio, Wallingford, PA

               TAP, Chester, PA
               BOCA ART MUSEUM School
               Casa de los Artistas, Puerto Vallarta
               Lee County Art Center, Fort  Myers, FL
               GOGGLEWORKS,  Reading PA

Museums & Corporate Collections

  1. Sulmainy Museum, Kurdistan
  2. Museum de Montbelliard, France  
  3. Rosenbaum Foundation, NY & Jerusalem
  4. American Express, FL
  5. Eaton Corp., OH

One Person Exhibitions

2019  Main Line Unitarian Church                TO BE OR NOT TO BE                        Wayne            PA     

2018  Delaware Art Museum                        Counter-Point(3 person)                       Wilmington     DE  

2018  Cape Cod Cultural Center               SHAKEN & STIRRED (2 person)              S. Yarmouth, MA  

2014  Villanova University                         40 Year Retrospective                              Villanova         PA

2013   West Chester University                 DREAMING, drawing with wax                 West Chester  PA

2011    OVJAC                                           RIGHT SIDE / LEFT SIDE                       Philadelphia    PA   

2005   Chester County Art Association         OSMOSIS                                             West Chester  PA

2003   Widener University Gallery               PROGRESSION                                    Chester           PA

2000   Hoyt Instituet                                 Deconstructions of the Life Cycle               New Castle    PA 

1995   Chester County Art Assoc.               CONCERNING CREATION                    West Chester  PA  

1992   Delaware Ctr. Contemporary Art       EVOKING ORIGINS                               Wilmington     DE

1988   Community Art Center                       ONE + ONE + ONE                               Wallingford     PA

1985   Natl. Museum Amer. Jewish History   ELEMENTAL THREADS                       Philadelphia    PA