Client and Estate Owned Artwork

Artwork on this page is available for purchase and can be viewed by request.

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Orchid 1


Nat Krate








"Westshore" 33" x 32"

(call for info)

Syd Solomon


Flalmingo Dancers

Ben Stahl




Summer Bouquet

Helen Sawyer














Coastal Strip

Coastal Strip 14" x 13"

(call for info)

Syd Solomon







"Roll-Bye"42" x 62"
(call for info)

Syd Solomon





Little Blonde

Jerry Farnsworth

















Under the Sun


Ann Toulmin-Rothe







Jon Corbino

painting available


"Girl with White Poodle"


Oil on Canvas

Image 38" x 21" –

Framed 45" x 28"







Barn In Snow


Marybeth Ridley





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