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I am looking for another layer of meaningfulness in my painting, something beyond what it depicts and the formal elements of composition, colors and textures. I take photographs in nature and paint from them. That is enough for some artists but I keep wanting my paintings to take me on an imaginary journey and inspire me to write something.

I paint just about every day. Each morning I sit with my cup of coffee looking at what was done the day before and wait for inspiration. Sometimes it comes easily, it is obvious that one area is all wrong and needs to be fixed. Other times I put the painting aside for a few days until it dawns on me how I can make it better. It is hard to say when it is finished because I may see something in the future that it needs but this one, Flowers as Laughter,... I think it is complete.


Knapp Paintings - Scene Magazine Jan 2020

Sculpture Pursuit Magazine, Spring 2009

2007 Asia-American Internation Wood Sculpture Art Exhibition

The Brevard Art Museum, "Navel Gazing: Artists Visions of Florida"

Mount Dora Center for the Arts Exhibit

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Blueberry Pond


Blueberry Pond

Summer Wind


Summer Wind




1999 Ogden Pleisner Memorial Prize from the American Watercolor Society
1999 Elected Artist of the Year at Fairfield University
The High Winds Medal, 1997 from the American Watercolor Society
1987 Paul Cézanne Medal, 1987 in Aix-en-Provence, France
1987 Sidney and Arthur Eder Prize, from John Slade Ely House
1977 Larry Quackenbush Award
1977 H.W. Ranger Purchase Award
1976 Isaac Maynard Prize
1971 Thomas B. Clark Award
1969 Award of Excellence, New York Society of Illustrators


"Same Place, Different Paintings", American Artist Magazine, August 1991
"Living and Working in France", July 1992
One of six artists in "Six Artists Paint a Portrait", Watson and Guptil, 1974


US Department of the Interior; Washington, DC
The Charles, Seattle, Washington
Emma Frye Museum, Seattle, Washington
City Hall; Westport, Connecticut
City Hall; Fairfield, Connecticut