Alexander Shabadei

b 1968


Robert Baxter


Born in the city of Simferopol (Crimea.)

In Alexander Shabadei's early years were spent in the seaside city of Kerch.

The Shabadeis moved to Yalta in 2000, a provincial city where he lives and works today. He is fascinated by the old districts, mountains, cypresses, magnolias and the sea. His landscape and still life paintings demonstrate his skill, technique, talent and his use of color. Shabedei's work is shown in galleries in the Ukraine, Russia and the USA.

Shabadei paints and sketches daily, his ability to turn ordinary objects into something new makes on wonder if he can see the invisible when composing his work.

Shabadei's credo: " Reflection of the beauty of nature and of mans creation." 

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South Night


South Night



White Sail


White Sail





In 1983 Alexander graduated with honors from the Serdyukov Art School in Kerch.

He then attended and graduated with honors from the prestigious Samokish Crimea Art School, a top school in the Soviet Union.



His paintings are also in many prestigious galleries and private collections in the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Australia.

He is a member of the International Plein Air Painters in Ukranie, France, Montenegro and Lithuania.