Fiore Custode

b 1934 - 2015

Fiore Custode photo

Flore retired from teaching art at the Ringling School of Art and Design, after 50 years in 2014.

It's the Old Masters who inspired Custode as an artist, "Rembrandt, Goya, Diego Velazquez, people who went beyond painting pretty pictures. They delved into life itself to find those elusive truths that we always claim we're looking for."

He was always just an excellent teacher, extremely passionate about art and what he did. His greatest strength was his passion for art, and it came through in his teaching and in his work.

The Flower of Ringing College by Susan Rife


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1964 - Present - Faculty, Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida

1963 - 1964 - Art Instructor, Longboat Key Art Center, Florida

1962 - 1963 - Freelance Illustrator, Bradenton, Florida

1959 - 1962 - Ringling School of Art and Design, Four Year Dertificate in Illustation, graduated with honors.

1958 - 1959 - Display Designer, Kane Furniture Co, St Petersburg, Florida

1957 - 1958 - Illustrator, U.S.A.F. Kadena, AFB, Okinawa

1955 - 1956 - Draughtsman, Pinecastle Air Force BAse, Orlando, Florida

1954 - 1955 - U.S.A.F. Fort Belvoir, Va. Courses in topography and drafting

1953 - 1954 - Type Disginer, Mergenthaler Linotype Co.

1952 - 1953 - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, courses in Design and Figure Drawing

1948 - 1952 - Boys High School, Brooklyn, NY (major in art)



Florida Artists, traveling exhibit

Bertha Gladstone Gallery, Woodstock, FL

Stanley Glen Gallery, Sarasota, FL

Hannelore Art Gallery, PrintsTwo Man Show, Sarasota, FL

Smith Willow Gallery, Altanta, Georgia

Oehlschlaeger Gallery, Sarasota, Florida

Florida Artists' Show, First Place Award, St. Armand's Key, Floirda

Plaza Art Show, First Place Award, Best Painting

Society of the Four Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida

Naples Art Gallery, Naples, Florida

Gulf Coast Art Center, St. Petersburg, Florida

Lakeland Art Center, Lakeland, Florida

Art League of Manatee County

Florida State Fair, Florida Artist Show

West Coast Art Show, Ringling Museum

Sarasota Art Association



Fine Arts Society, Sarasota, FL

Permanent Collection, Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL

Permanent Collection, Ohio University, Ohio

New College, Sarasota, FL

Asolo Center for the Performing Arts, Sarasota, FL

Frank Oehlschlaeger Galleries, Sarasota, FL