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Steve Zaluski was born and raised on Long Island and graduated from Stony Brook University, New York. He studied in engineering, psychology and received his bachelors in Liberal Arts. Later, he studied in education and sculpture at Stony Brook University.

He is a mid career international artist creating many of his sculptures for the outdoors with kinetic movements.

"I have created sculptures of welded bronze or aluminum and have installed them around the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Liverpool England, Nice France, Germany, Israel, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Grand Cayman, Australia, Toronto Canada and almost every state in the United States."

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Sliver Human Sphere 68x24x24


Silver Human Sphere


Golden Planet


Golden Planet...



Bank of America


Astra Zeneca




Matrix Corp

Royal Carribean


NukSkin Corp

Western National Warranty

Citadel Equities

Jack Welch (GE)


Barnes & Noble

Meadowbrook Care Center

Boston Children's Hospital

St Judes Childrens's Hospital

Robert Wood Johnson Memorial Hospital

Mather Memorial Hospital


Reviews / Articles

Helen A. Harrison from The New York Times writes “The wind also animates Mr. Zaluski’s “Blue Cube,” with the hard-edged cube mounted in a bright red arc that seems about to swallow it.”

Jaclyn J. Philips from Pulse Magazine (Dec. 2005) writes, “ Colors are another source of animation in his work. Either he goes for clean bright primaries – impossible yellows, shiny reds and polished royal blues – or he uses the metal’s natural brilliance to accept the shape of a piece; sometimes silver and gold coexist in a sculpture with equal grace, as opposed to being in conflict with each other, as is often the case. Zaluski is playful, but not childish; elegant, but not immature.”