Allan Teger

b 1942


Allan Teger Allan Teger was one of the first contemproray artists to rediscover the old technique of hand painting photographs. His work explores our memories and dreams with images of old diners, amusement parks and other icons of the vanishing American landscape from the first part of the century. Other images include scenes from Europe which depict what is quickly disappearing the old cafes, storefronts and simple lifestyle of a bygone era.

The most recent European images are from the Carnival in Venice Italy. The tradional technique of hand painting a black and white photograph adds to the emotional quality of the images. The result is an image that evokes a timeless moment, the energy of stillness, in which the past and the present and the future all come together.

Teger, who holds a Ph.D in psychology, taught at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University before leaving academics in 1981 to pursue a full time career in art. Much of his work is derived from his interest in consciousness and mysticism and from the practice of meditation.

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One of a Kind Original Black and White Photographs





Hill Climb


Hill Climb


Log Cabin


Log Cabin









Lenticualr Bodyscape


Lenticualr images are a combination of a number of separate images into one photograph.

Allan takes the BODYSCAPE photos with a digital camera.

His son, Carl Teger, then uses a special computer program to combine the images.

A plastic "lens" , which consists of a series of small ridges, is added on top of the image.

As one walks past the photograph, the elements in the photo appear to move.

In this case, the airplane appears to fly from left to right.
These images are produced in a single size, in an edition of 12. They are framed and ready to hang.



BiPlane, image 20" x 30", framed 29" x 33"



Allan Teger at work handcoloring a black & white photograph

Allan Coloring            detail coloring


One Man Shows

2000 Art & Soul Gallery, Woodstock, NY
1999 Forms Gallery, Delray, FL
1996 Lake Avenue Gallery, Lake Worth, FL
1995 Hooloomooloo, Boston, MA
1995 Gallery On The Square, Roanoke, VA
1994 James Beard Foundation, New York, NY
1988 Susan Spiritus Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
1986 Neo Deco, Chicago, IL
1986 Gallery at Young & Rubican, NYC, NY
1985 Quinn-Frank Gallery, Denver, CO
1984 Jacqueline's, NYC, NY

Group Shows

2008 Hibiscus Center Traveling Exhibition, Vero Beach, FL
2008 Detroit Dirty Show
2008 Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show, Bloomiington, IN
2008 Erotic Signature Traveling Exhibition, Maimi, FL
2007 Dabbert Gallery, Sarasota, FL (two person show)
2007 James Schot Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2007 Severence Gallery, Detroit, MI
2006 Lake Wales Art Center Lake Wales, FL
2005 Backus Gallery, Ft Pierce, FL
2005 Bonnet House Museum, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2005 Dog and Pony Show Gallery, Naples, FL
2004 Eisemann Center, Richardson, TX
2004 Barnsite Gallery, Kewaunee, WI
2004 Washington Gallery of Photography, Bethesda, MD
2004 Orange Country Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA
1999 Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY
Li Daniels Gallery, Rosendale, NY
1997 Liss Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1996 Swann Gallery, Detroit, MI
1995 Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, MA
1994 Griffin Center for Photographic Art, Winchester, MA
1994 Westport Art Center, Westport, CT
1991 Vermont State Craft Center, Middlebury, VT
1990 Photographic Image Gallery, Portland, OR
1990 Newton Art Center, Newton, MA
1989 Alternatives 89, Siegfried Gallery, Athens, OH
1988 Jannes Art Gallery, Chicago, IL
1988 Douglas Albert Gallery, State College, PA
1987 Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
1986 Quinn-Frank Gallery, Denver, CO
1985 Mills Gallery, Boston, MA
1985 Quinn-Frank Gallery, Denver, CO
1983 PhotoShow Intl.Gallery, touring United States
1983 Mills Gallery, Boston, MA
1983 Atelier 564, Newton, MA
1981 Mazur-Mazur Gallery, Deerfield, IL
1981 Sylvia Ullman's Crafts Gallery, Cleveland, OH
1980 PhotoShow Intl. Gallery, touring United States
1979 Mobilia, Cambridge, MA
1979 PhotoShow Intl. Gallery, touring United States
1978 Mobilia, Cambridge, MA
1978 Wadsworth Gallery, Devon, PA


2008 (in press): The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Vol II
2008 (in press): Sensual World
2008 Digital Photography Magazine
2007 Macro Photography, Kamps, J.J. Wiley
2007 Times of the Island, Sanibel, FL (cover story)
2007 American Social Psychology Quartely (cover story)
2007 Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion, Minn, MN
2006 Phot Magazine, Moscow, Russia
2006 Art Fairs International Magazine
2005 Uptown Show Poster, Minneapolis, MN
2004 FHM (Hungary and Indonesia)
2004 Deco Posters, Posters International, Toronto, Canada
2003 FHM (U.K. and Singapore)
2003 GQ Magazine (Italy and Spain)
2002 Esquire Magazine
2002 Dreamscape Posters, Posters International, Toronto Canada
2001 Auto Forum, Germany
2001 Wisconsin Review
2001 CD record album cover, Gladshot's "Relic"
2000 feature article in AutoForum Magazine, Germany
2000 TidensMind Magazine, Germany
2000 People Magazine, Australia
2000 Clockwork Magazine, Germany
1999 Tomorrow Magazine, Germany
1995 BODYSCAPES Book, Shade Tree Press, Ft. Meyers, FL
1994 Cover photo of Sec. of Commerical Arch. magazine
1994 CD record album cover, Jay Anderson's "Local Color"
1992 DINER Calendar, Pomegranate Publications
1992 Posters, Art Resources, Brewster, N.Y.
1991 Greeting cards, Pomegranate Publications
1989 Posters, Waterline Publications, Boston, MA
1989 DECO Calendar,Landmark General, Novato, CA
1988 BODYSCAPE Poster, Capital Concepts Publishing, VA
1982 Playboy Magazine USA
1981 Northern Ohio Live Magazine
1978 Boston Magazine
1977 National Shorhand Reporter, Cover photo
1976 National Lampoon Magazine

Collections & Installations

California State University Musem, Long Beach, CA
IBM, Atlanta, GA
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
The Sycamores, Altadena, CA
Emerald Square Mall, Attleboro, MA
Permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute


B.A Lafayette College, 1964
M.A. University of Delaware, 1966
Ph.D. State University of N.Y., Buffalo, 1969