Fedor Zakharov

b 1919 - 1994




The landscapes of Fedor Zakharov were introduced to Americans beginning in the 1990s when the first examples of Russian Impressionism were exhibited in galleries on both coasts and in the American southwest.

Zakharov’s paintings, with their broad strokes, abstraction and adherence to realistic form, immediately garnered admiration from both collectors and American painters.

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In The Yard


In The Yard

Still Life Lilac

Still Life Lilac



Zakharov studied at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow just after WWII. Among his instructors was the famed educator and painter Sergei V. Gerasimov (1885-1964), himself a student of the internationally famous Konstantin Korovin (1861-1939).

He was named the People’s Artist of the Ukraine, given the laureate of the State Award of the Crimea, was the recipient of the T G Shevchenko State Award of the Ukraine