Barbara Krupp

Barbara Krupp

Barbara Krupp is a superb colorist, painting exhilarating and emotionally
rich large canvases. She has exhibited in art show, museums and galleries
spanning an award winning thirty-two year career.


“Most of my paintings are inspired by the places I visited. I begin with a simple
form and then tap into my feelings about a particular area, the beauty and the joy. I experienced being there and let the painting evolve.. My aim is to capture that emotion on canvas, therefore putting a part of myself into the painting. When I succeed in conveying those emotions to viewer, then the painting complete.”

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Boticanical Gardens            Acrylics on Multi-Media Board

Acrylics on Multi Media Board by Barbara Krupp

Matted to 20 " x 28


Exhibits & Awards

-Salon D’Aout, Bronze Metal, Musee de Duncan, Paris, France
-Vero Beach Art Museum “Under The Oaks” 1st Painting Award 2009
-Vero Beach Art Museum “Art By The Sea” 1st Award winner 2009
-Vero Beach Art Museum “Art By The Sea” 1st Award winner 2008
-Dabbert Gallery, “Duel Reality” Two Person Show 2009
-Dabbert Gallery, “Couple of Visions” Two Person Show 2007
-Dabbert Gallery, “Abstract Nature” One Woman Show 2006
-Lowe Museum Show, Coral Gables, FL
-Orange Center For Contemporary Art, Santa Anna, CA, 2005
-“Exalted Color” Exhibition, Caladan Gallery, Beverly MA 2005
-“Not Just a Pretty Face” Mansfield Art Museum
-“Water’s Edge” Mansfield Art Center
-Tampa Museum Show, Tampa, FL
-Toledo Art Museum Show, Toledo, OH
-Boca Raton Museum Show, Boca Raton, FL
-Eden Foundation Invitational Show, Naples FL
-Ann Arbor Arts Festival, U-Ariel Gallery, Soho, NY


-Massilion Art Museum, Massilion, Ohio.
-Five Points Plaza Building, Sarasota, FL
-Osceola County Board of City Commissioners Special Purchase, Osceola, FL
-Erwin L. Greenberg, Real Estate Developer
-Disney Corporation, Orlando, FL
-Smith & Nephew, Inc, St. Petersburg, FL


-New York Art Review
-American Artist of Renown
-American Artists
-Who’s Who of American Women
-Who’s Who in America, last 10 years


1999 Masters Study Program with Graham Nickson, Dean of the NY Studio School