Pamela duLong Williams

b 1948



The reason I paint is because I must. I am inspired by color, light and humanity. I was born with the need to express the beauty in my life. The joy is sharing my view with those who are moved by my work. My art is my voice, my soul, my eyes to the world. No better than others, just mine. As a child in my father’s studio, brush in hand, my sense of my work was that it came through me, not from me. To this day that has remained true.

My goal is to further develop my skills and expression. Portrait painting is like playing classical music, it takes a life time of practice and commitment. Fortunately I have seldom been entirely satisfied with my work. This motivates me to grow. After 40 years each painting is a new and exciting challenge.

My approach to laying in a portrait is also the progression of steps I use in all my work. I first decide what my most striking impression is of my subject. ie...the light.....the palette.....the scale......the emotional response to a moment in time that will never occur again.....etc.

I would say my most significant artistic accomplishment to date was being commissioned by the Social Law Library Committee of Boston, MA to paint their acting President, James Brink in 1999. The painting resides in the State House Collection, Boston, MA along with Sargent’s, Tarbell’s , Copley’s and over one hundred others.

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Golden Tea Pot


Golden Tea Pot



Nude with Love Birds


Love Birds



Red Tulips


Red Tulips








1979 Art Students League, NYC

1966-1969 Vesper George School of Art, Boston, Ma.

1962-1964 James Price, Boston, Ma. (private study)

1962-1964 Museum School, Boston, Ma. (high school program)


2000 - 2003 University of New Hampshire

1999             Heartwood College of Art, Kennybunk, Me.

1998-            Wentworth Coolidge Art Center, Portsmouth, NH

1991-            Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, CT

I989-             Independent workshops, United States and Europe

1980 - 2000 Rowayton Art Center, Rowayton, CT

1976 - 1980 Darien Art Center, Darien, CT


2010            American Artist Magazine, Portrait Finalist

2009            Copley S Society Members Show, Best in Show, Boston, MA

2009            Noroton Gallery, Darien, CT

2009, 2008 Art 3 Gallery, Manchester, NH

2009            International Art Collectors, Finalist American

2008            Artist Magazine, Finalist 2 Portrait Catagories 11/08

2007            Artist's Magazine, Winner of Calendar Cover 2007

2007            Copley Society, Boston, MA

*2003           Loius William Cone, Wilmington, NC.,(private collection)

2002            The Brush & Palette Club, New Haven, CT. (portrait prize)

2002            Anderson-Soule Gallery, Concord, NH (exhibiting artist)

2002            Case Gallery, Portsmouth, NH (one woman show)

2002            New Hampshire Art Assoc., Portsmouth, NH (cash award prize)

2001-2003  King’s Wharf Gallery, Kennybunkport, ME (exhibiting artist)

2001-2003  Mixed Media Gallery, Block Island, RI (one woman shows)

2001            South Wharf Gallery, Nantucket, MA (one woman show)

2001            Marshall Store Gallery, York, ME. (exhibiting artist)

2000-2002  Eisenhauer Gallery, Block Island, RI (one woman show)

2000            Shooting Star Gallery, Ogunquit, ME (one woman show)

2000            Cape Neddick Inn, Cape Neddick, ME (one women show)

1999            Van Ward Gallery, Ogunquit, ME (exhibiting artist)

1999            Wentworth Coolidge Art Center, Portsmouth, NH (one woman show)

1998-2001  Martin Willis Gallery, Portsmouth, NH (exhibiting artist)

1998            Portraits North, Lexington, MA (exhibiting artist)

•1997          Social Law Library, State House Collection, Boston MA

1997            Geary Gallery, Darien, CT (exhibiting artist)

1997            Allied Artists, NYC (member/exhibiting artist)

1993-1997  Silver Palm Gallery, Hilton Head, NC (exhibiting artist)

1996            Brunswick Academy, Greenwich, CT. (exhibiting artist)

1995            Professional Art for the Collector, Rowayton, CT (featured artist)

1994            Crescent Pond Gallery, Block Island, RI (one woman show)

1994            Hurlbutt Gallery, Greenwich, CT. (one woman show)

1993            Rowayton Art Center, Rowayton, CT. (one woman show)

1992            The Henry Greene Collection, Southport, CT (one woman show)

1991            Seabreeze Gallery, Block Island, RI. (one woman show)

*1990          Creditianstalt, NYC (private collection)

1986            Darien Library, Darien, CT. (one woman show)

1985            Westport Gallery, Westport, CT. (one woman show)

1985            Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY (one woman show)

1983            Silvermine Guild of Artists, Silvermine, CT. (one woman show)

1982            Wilton Gallery, Wilton, CT (one woman show)

  * notable permanent collections



     Portrait Society Of America

     The Copley Society, CA, Boston, MA

     Silvermine Guild of Artists