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Nancy is an artist printmaker who derives inspiration for her work from the people closest to her, from the news media, and from other artists including Sue Coe, Jenny Holzer, Judy Chicago, Warrington Colescott, and Andy Warhol. She uses art as a language to convey information about issues that are important to her. Sometimes she rages, but mostly she quietly submits to the viewer conceptual, political narratives about her issues with the hope that the viewer will understand her passion. Her imagery is about the stresses that women experience as a result of societal restrictions of their personal liberty. She uses the vase or vessel as a metaphor for women of child-bearing age. The vessel has no head and thus, has been deprived of a voice.

In addition to conceptual work, Nancy has also created a body of abstract work. She creates pieces with strong, gestural, weighted line, and imposes it on very delicate, soft lines and marks. This work is, at times, stark and architectural and at times organic and dynamic using contrasting black and white.Nancy creates mostly Intaglio prints. Etching is one Intaglio technique that she uses, in which a zinc plate is etched with acid. She, also, creates collagraph plates. When a plate is completely developed, ink is rolled on to it, paper laid on top of it, and it is run through a printing press. In this way, she is able to make multiples of her prints. Many times, she uses two plates in register, printing one after the other. Color may be part of the print making process but occasionally, some hand coloring is added after the print has dried.

Her prints display a love of line, simplicity, and efficiency… to say a lot with a little. By manipulating the materials, layering the ink,building history of line and texture through the printing matrix, she attempts to realize the elusive essence of the thought. Nancy enjoys the process, which is of equal or greater importance to her than the finished piece.

Head of the International Broadcasting Bureau has Turner's mixed media displayed


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   Doodles I


Comes Around


Comes Around






Doodles II


Doodles 3


Doodles 3



Doodles 6


Doodles 6...

Drawing V


Drawing V...


Points the Way


Points the Way...


Woman as Vessels Drawing VI


Woman as Vessels Drawing VI...

                         Invisible Woman           

                   Invisible Woman...     



Triple Stress


Triple Stress...



Marks III


                                        Marks IIIA...



         Marks XIV...



Marks iv


                     Marks VI...



1997-01    B.F.A., Printmaking and Painting, The Ringling School of Art and Design
1994-96    Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, N.C., art classes
1993-94    Davidson College, Davidson, N.C., art classes
1991-92    University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S.D., printmaking class
1966          B.S., El. Ed., University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.



2008        Frogman’s Print & Paper Workshop, Vermillion, S.D. summer workshop
2006        Frogman’s Print & Paper Workshop, Vermillion, S.D. summer workshop
2005        Frogman’s Print & Paper Workshop, Vermillion, S.D., summer workshop
2004        Lecture- Ringling School of Art & Design- Life after my BFA
2004        Lecture- Womens Contemporary Artists- Judy Chicago project
2002        Lecture- Ringling School of Art & Design – Judy Chicago project
2001       “At Home: A Kentucky Project with Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman”
1999        Ringling School, Printmaking Teaching Assistant, Fall Semester
1999        Frogman’s Press and Gallery, Vermillion, S.D., summer workshop
1993        Black Hills Print Symposium, Deadwood, S.D., summer workshop
1992        Black Hills Print Symposium, Deadwood, S.D., summer workshop
1980-90  Picture framer - Pleasant Hills, C.A., Orinda, C.A., Chappaqua, N.Y.



2003        Members Juried Spring Exhibition- Art Center Sarasota
2001        Marilyn Harris Award, “Best of Ringling”
2001        Purchase Award, Amity Art Foundations
2001        Purchase Award, Graphic Chemical & Ink Company
2001        Alliance for the Arts, Honorable Mention 2D/3D Show
2000        Founder’s Choice, “Hand Pulled Prints VIII”
2000        Marilyn Harris Award, “Best of Ringling”



2006        Juried Exchange Portfolio, Frogman’s Press & Gallery
2004        Florida Printmakers Invitational Portfolio
2004        Discharged Abrasion
2003        Frogman’s Press and Gallery Exchange Portfolio
2001        SGC 2001
2000        SGC 2000
1999        Discharged Abrasion
1999        Frogman’s Workshop Exchange Portfolio
1992        Black and White in the Black Hills



2009        Florida Artists Group, Inc. Exhibition
2007        Florida Artists Group, Inc. Symposium and Exhibition
2006        Art Center Sarasota, “Holiday Show,” 2nd place
2006       “Do Not Fold, Bend, Spindle or Mutilate: Computer Punch Card Art”
                    Washington Pavilion, Sioux Falls, S.D.
2006       “Frogman’s Print & Paper Workshop” juried exchange portfolio
                    W. H. Over Museum, Vermillion, S. D.
2006       “meanings and mediations” at Art Center Sarasota
2004       “The Language of Black and White: 3 Women Printmaker”
2004       “White Linen”- Art League of Manatee County
2004        Florida Printmakers Invitational
2001        Florida Printmakers Society National Print Exhibition
2000        Flamingo Show, Visual Arts Center, Sarasota, Florida
2000       “Hand Pulled Prints VIII,” Stonemetal Press, Parchman-Stremmel
                    Galleries, San Antonio, Texas
                “Best of Ringling,” Selby Gallery, Sarasota, Florida
                “15 Downtown,” Sarasota, Florida
                “Balance,” Clarke Gallery, Dubuque, IA
1999       “Best of Ringling,” Selby Gallery, Sarasota, Florida
1996        Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC
1994        Davidson College, Davidson, NC
1993        Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC

Permanent Collections

Frogman’s Press & Gallery
Ringling School of Art and Design
Graphic Chemical & Ink Company
Amity Art Foundations

Professional Organizations

Women Contemporary Artists
Southern Graphics Council
Florida Artist Group, Inc.