Catherine Hunter



Catherine Hunter, born in Ekeren (Belgium),

She lived successively in Paris, Geneva, Munich, London and Brussels. Catherine learned sculpture in 1988 and started her own studio in 1998 in Genval where she also taught art.

She embarked on sailing around the world with her husband in 2004. She has worked along with local artists, ceramists and potters, whenever she had the opportunity. Their journey 20,000 miles aboard Vamos ended in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia.

In 2008, she opens the Galerie Taptoe in Brussels with her husband and her exhibits.

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Le Long Chemin


Le Long Chemin

(The Long Way)


Le Grand Cerceau


Le Grand Cerceau

(The Large Hoop)


Les Commeres


Les Commeres

(The Gossips)





(Trap Me)



Ooh mon Chapoooo


Ooh mon Chapoooo!






1979 published book "The Eaters Heaven" (Duculot Edition).


Artistic education at St. Luc Superior Art School in Brussels (specialized in illustration)


"Les Poules" in 2000, sold thousands all over the world